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Sexual Violence Protection Order

In the event that you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual violence, you have several options under Pennsylvania law. Pennsylvania law provides various options for individuals seeking protective orders depending on the victim’s circumstances.

Whether you are a minor who has faced abuse at the hand of an authoritative figure such as a teacher or coach, or an adult who has suffered violence at the hand of a spouse, there is a protective order available tailored to your circumstances.

Attorney for Sexual Violence Protection Orders in West Chester, Pennsylvania

For many victims of sexual violence, ensuring your protection from future harm at the hands of abusive individuals is mandatory for recovery. At Ciccarelli Law Offices, our family law attorneys have decades of experience seeking protective orders for clients who have been subjected to violence.

If you or someone you know has undergone some form of sexual violence in West Chester, Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Coatesville, or Kennett Square, act now to begin the process of obtaining legal protection against the offender.

Call Ciccarelli Law Offices at (877) 529-2422 for a consultation to speak with one of our attorneys about the many options available to you. Our firm operates out of Chester County and serves victims of sexual violence in the surrounding areas of Montgomery County, Delaware County, Philadelphia County, and Lancaster County.

What is a Sexual Violence Protection Order

With the recent passage of 42 Pa. C.S. §62A, the Protection of Victims of Sexual Violence or intimidation Act (PSVI), Pennsylvania lawmakers have taken extra precautions to further protect victims of sexual violence from their offenders regardless of the nature of the relationship between the parties.

The protections provided by this legislation are intended to serve as an extra layer of defense for those individuals who have faced sexual violence but may not be actively taking legal action to prosecute their offenders.

Of the two specific protective orders that the PSVI offers, sexual violence protection orders offer protection to a wider range of sexual violence victims.

SVPOs are available to individuals who have experienced sexual violence at the hand of another individual who is not a relative and is not a household member to the victim. For the purpose of this order, sexual violence may include any of the following acts:

  • Sexual exploitation of children;
  • Child abuse of a sexual nature;
  • Unlawful contact with a legal minor;
  • Commission of sexual contact with a child constituting child welfare endangerment;
  • Corruption of minors; and
  • Other sexually motivated offenses.    

Both adults and minor victims are eligible for the protections provided by an SVPO; however, in the case of a minor victim, a legal guardian or parent must file the petition on behalf of the victim.

Some common examples of situations where an SVPO may be the best choice for a sexual violence victim include instances of sexual assault by a landlord, another student, or a co-worker. In all of these situations, the offender is not a family member or a household member to the victim, but contact with this individual may be difficult to avoid otherwise.

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Additional Resources

Which Protection Order Process- Visit the Protection Order Process page of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence website to find out more about filing for an SVPO. This website provides a list of protective orders available to victims of sexual violence under the PSVI Act. Also, find more information on various protective orders for various types of victims and the overall filing process.

Filing for a PSVI in Chester County- Visit the FAQ page of the Chester County Government site for more information on how to file for a protective order under the PSVI Act. This website answers common questions about protective orders including how to obtain one and consequences of violating these orders. Also, find information the filing process as it pertains to Chester County.

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Find a Lawyer for Sexual Violence Protective Orders in Chester County, PA

Sexual violence, domestic violence, and other crimes of a sexual nature require a level of sensitivity that cannot be found in every law firm. At Ciccarelli Law Offices, our family law attorneys display the level of compassion and understanding necessary when dealing with victims of these crimes.

If you are a victim of sexual violence in Chester County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Lancaster County, or Philadelphia County, our attorneys are here to help. Contact Ciccarelli Law Offices at (877) 529-2422 for a consultation with one of our family lawyers to discuss the best protective order for you.

Located in central West Chester, PA, our firm also welcomes clients in the neighboring cities of King of Prussia, Philadelphia, Coatesville, and Kennett Square.