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Lee Ciccarelli is the founder and managing partner of Ciccarelli Law Offices with over two decades experience as a practicing attorney.

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An alternative to litigation, which pits the two spouses against one another, divorce mediation is a process where the spouses work together with a Pennsylvania attorney to find a comprehensive resolution. Mediation occurs in a neutral setting and seeks to find a compromise for divorce issues including equitable distribution of marital property and child custody arrangements.

West Chester Divorce Mediation Attorney

The experienced legal team at Ciccarelli Law Offices provides neutral mediation services for spouses who have decided to terminate their marriage. Our highly-experienced divorce lawyers help you and your spouse identify the interests most important to each of you and then successfully negotiate agreements based on those interests.

If you are concerned about the extra stress and emotional harm litigation may bring to your divorce in Chester County, Delaware County, Lancaster County, or Montgomery County, contact Ciccarelli Law Offices to see if divorce mediation is right for you. Your first consultation is free, so call (877) 529-2422 today.

Information on Divorce Mediation in Pennsylvania

The Divorce Mediation Process

When you and your spouse reach an agreement to divorce and believe that you can do so reasonably and with an eye for the future of the whole family, mediation may be a process you can consider. In mediation, you and your spouse have a set number of sessions with one Pennsylvania divorce lawyer to work on reaching compromises for issues that would otherwise bring conflict.

Your divorce mediator will listen to the interests of both sides and seeks to find a compromise that both spouses can agree on instead of fighting for their own best interests in court. When both spouses are open to communication and looking out for the best interests of everyone involved, mediation can lead to more control over the divorce process. This may result in an amicable solution for everyone that is just as legally binding as the outcome of a litigated divorce – but without the interference of the court.

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Equitable Distribution of Assets in Divorce Mediation

Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution of assets state, which means that all marital property should be distributed in a fair fashion by taking into consideration each spouse's situation. Personal property or third-party gifts are often not included in the marital property. In a litigation setting, when the spouses don't agree on what marital property should go where, equitable property division is decided by the Pennsylvania courts.

However, with divorce mediation, if spouses are willing to work together, communicate, and compromise, the spouses work with the neutral divorce mediator and decide for themselves what is an equitable distribution of marital property. Additionally, a tax specialist or accountant may be called in to determine a fair division of debt and tax impact to further the likelihood of fair division.

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Child Custody and Divorce Mediation

This is often one of the most divisive issues in terminating a marriage, and can be emotional to all parties involved – especially the children. In Pennsylvania, there are many custody options involving both physical and legal custody, that can result in shared custody, partial custody, full custody, or a specific visitation arrangement.

In divorce litigation, it is the court that decides what is best for the family out of the best interest of the child. However, with mediation, the family decides together with a divorce mediator what their best custody arrangement is by examining both the priorities of each spouse and the best interest of the child or children. This arrangement is just as legally binding as a child custody arrangement issued by the court, but is more of a group effort that addresses everyone's interests and therefore may have a more amicable outcome for the whole family.

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Working with Divorce Mediator in Pennsylvania

If you and your spouse are seeking more control over your divorce in Chester County or the surrounding areas, including West Chester, Plymouth Meeting, Kennett Square, Malvern, Springfield, King of Prussia, Lancaster, or Radnor, call the divorce mediators at Ciccarelli Law Offices today. We will work with you and your family to find the amicable resolution for the entire family. For more information or to schedule your free initial consultation, call (877) 529-2422 today.